SoloDuo live in NYC – GFA Festival, June 2023: A review

There was only one concert on the Saturday schedule, since the day also included the final round of four contestants in the ICAC, preceded by the finals of the the International Ensemble Competition. But this sole concert was a very fine one. Simply invoking the name of SoloDuo, consisting of Lorenzo Micheli and Matteo Mela, portends a concert of state-of-the-art duo plying. Everything was a gem: the Debussy Petite Suite, Piazzolla Tango Suite, and their miraculous version of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathétique. A handful of other duos are on this level now, but none are better. 

Al Kunze

Soundbooard, Vol. 49 no. 3


Waiting for Scarlatti… Full release: Feb. 9, 2024

SoloDuo’s new album, “Scarlatti: 12 Sonatas for Two guitars” will be released on Feb. 9 by Evidence Classics. In the meanwhile, 3 singles have been released: click here to listen.


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