Classic Voice [Italy]: ‘La suave melodia’

Sembra che i tre strumentisti quasi non abbiano bisogno di "parlare" fra loro, tanta - e immediata - è l'intesa percepibile dalla loro musica. Un'intesa volta alla semplice e nobile eleganza, lezione di musica che piove dal cielo più terso. Carlo Fiore Classic_Voice_Falco134… READ-MORE

L’Eco di Bergamo [Italy]: ‘La suave melodia’

L'ascoltatore viene rapito e ammaliato dalla bellezza della musica [...]. I tre solisti manifestano una straordinaria padronanza del proprio strumento dando corpo, grazie a un'eccezionale osmosi interpretativa e a un suono limpido e rotondo, allo spirito tanto geometrico quanto fantasioso che tratteggia tutti i meravigliosi brani presentati. [...] Un disco imperdibile.… READ-MORE

The Virginian Pilot [USA]: SoloDuo in Norfolk

The Virginia Arts Festival presented SoloDuo, a pair of extremely gifted Italian guitarists, in concert at the Chrysler Museum theater. The program of challenging music was meticulously prepared and performed from memory. [...] The musicians’ complete understanding of the score helped them play with tremendous precision, still allowing a very generous rubato as each man listened to and reacted to nuances in the other’s interpretation. [...] It is difficult music, but SoloDuo had fun with it, even when working hard. Lee Teply, The Virginian Pilot, May 5th, 2008… READ-MORE

New York Concert Review [USA]: SoloDuo at Carnegie Hall

SoloDuo's Carnegie Hall concert was one of the more memorable concerts of the Weill season. The duo's artistic intensity was palpable, their playing effortless, their technique spotless. [...] Outstanding recital, it is hard to say what left more of an impression: their remarkable blend, their sublime artistry or their impeccable technique. Do not miss a chance to hear them, [...] this duo plays like one. Anthony Aibel SoloDuo_Review_in_NYCR… READ-MORE

Classical Guitar [UK]: SoloDuo plays Ferdinand Rebay

The best concert I went to last year. [...] Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli were joined by Pietro Corna (oboe), Sergio Delmastro (clarinet) and Michel Mo (flute) in Rebay's Quintet in D. Colin Cooper… READ-MORE

Noroeste [Mexico]

Matteo Mela y Lorenzo Micheli, integrantes de SoloDuo, sedujeron a los sinaloenses. La expresividad de su gestos, sus miradas y la ejecucion limpia y majestuosa atrapo la atencion del publico.… READ-MORE

Classical Guitar [UK]: ‘Lhoyer-Duos Concertants’

It is hard to imagine Lhoyer's works receiving better treatment than they receive in these sparkling performances. Mela and Micheli have mastered the difficult art of phrase-making. [...] These two Italian players put musical values above everything else, and are able to convey them with an assurance that is as graceful as it is decisive. [...] It is what they do with the music when they play together that is the most important factor. Call it Ingredient X... Colin Cooper… READ-MORE

Soundboard [USA]: SoloDuo in Toronto 2007

Both of these exceptionally talented guitarists have enjoyed success as soloists, but together they are magical. [...] An unforgettable evening of music. Heather Morand Clark, Soundboard, vol. XXXIII, nos. 3-4, 2007… READ-MORE

Soundboard [USA]: ‘Solaria’

Their album Solaria is one of the best duo recordings I have ever heard. The two players are seemingly equal in virtuosity and musicianship, but also play with that preternatural synchronization which only the finest duos ever achieve. In fact, if you were confronted with one of those desert island scenarios, you would be well advised to make this a choice. Albert Kunze… READ-MORE

Soundboard [USA]: SoloDuo at GFA 2006

Many who have seen these two marvelous players perform were waiting with great anticipation for this concert. Simply put, SoloDuo performs as one. They have an astonishing control over dynamics and rubato that begs comparison to the Assads. […] The incredibly enthusiastic audience responded with several well-deserved standing ovations. Kristian Anderson – Soundboard, Vol. XXXIII, Nos. 3-4, 2007… READ-MORE